Use Pinterest To Help Visualize Your Characters

Visual Writing Inspiration

I was talking to some fellow writers the other day when I mentioned one of my methods for developing characters. At the time, I didn’t think my method was anything out of the ordinary. Yet a couple of writers thought it was a unique idea, very “outside the box” thinking, they said. So, since they…

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A Doggy Tale, Time In Short Supply

The Thought That Plagues Me

From the first moments I held our Quinley in my arms, my thoughts would occasionally go to that dark place. Her tiny body was small enough I could make coffee while holding her with one hand as her sweet puppy scent wafted up creating a new happiness I will always know in my heart. These…

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A Doggy Tale, Disappointment

Dealing With Disappointing People

I hate disappointing people. It’s one of the worst feelings. Like many of you, women in particular, I give up much of myself for the benefit of others. I think we’re just programmed this way. I know many of you moms out there would give up everything for your child. Although I don’t have kids,…

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A Doggy Tale, Literary Advice or Not

To Follow Editing Advice Or Not

Editing and revising has been a big topic this week because I’m in the deepest, darkest depths of it. Yup. I’m in the early chapters, but this is where we hook our readers, (or not), right? So it’s important to get it perfect. Anyhow, as I mentioned yesterday and the day before, I find it…

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